NTT DATA Business Solutions Ariba Expertise will help you achieve it.

Ariba is the most widely adopted and complete strategic sourcing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution offering in the marketplace. It helps companies extend their business commerce processes into the Cloud, where they can use SAP solutions and the Ariba Network of 1.8 million global suppliers to work more efficiently and effectively with their trading partners. That means driving more value when buying, selling or managing cash.

Ariba offers a broad range of deployment options,  delivering benefits such as:

  • Identifying opportunities for strategic, cost saving sourcing and automate execution
  • Accelerate procure-to-pay processes using online shopping and invoicing
  • Gain better insight to company spend, supplier relationships and performance
  • Integrated contract creation and management in a central repository

NTT DATA's Ariba practice has a proven track record of significantly improving the efficiency of Ariba installation and support assisting our clients with migration to the Ariba solution in a rapid, low cost and low risk delivery model.

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Power of ARIBA Solutions:

Ariba Spend Analysis

Spend Analysissmall_divider

Learn which suppliers provide you best value and long-term sustainability. Powered by SAP HANA, Ariba's Spend Visibility enables confident buying decisions based on intelligently classified total combined spend, savings leaks and procurement overlaps.

Ariba Sourcing Management


Discover, connect and use intuitive tools for auction with qualified sellers for strategic cuts on costs and reduce risks. With Ariba integration, build a network of over 1.8 million companies with up-to-date supplier information.

Ariba Procurement


Control costs and risks with the largest and pre-enabled supplier network. Experience improvements across all or part of your Procure-to-Pay process such as Buying cycles shortened by 50% to 70%, >10% supply savings and 25% to 60% lower processing costs.

Ariba Contract Management

Contract Managementsmall_divider

Automate, standardise and accelerate the whole contract lifecycle. Manage any type of agreement for greater productivity compliance. E-signatures to reduces time and costs of multiple signed contract copies.

Ariba Supplier Management

Supplier Managementsmall_divider

Maintain updated and accurate supplier information, providing for a controlled database in a single web-based platform. You will discover it is significantly simpler to monitor supplier performance, assess compliance and manage risks.

Ariba Invoice Management

Invoice Managementsmall_divider

Process 100% of your invoices digitally. Go touchless with your process to eliminate errors, cut costs and ensure compliance.