Business Intelligence

Surveys indicate that few chief executive officers believe their strategies are being implemented effectively by their organizations. There can be several reasons for this failure. Strategies are expressed in broad terms but not translated into operational actions for line people. Business plans are not aligned with strategic priorities. Executives focus on financial outcomes while overlooking the operational issues that drive financial results.  By deploying our Integrated Business Intelligence and Analytics solution, NTT DATA Business Solutions can help enable your organization to quickly address these barriers to effectively managing enterprise strategy.

Our Integrated Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions focuses on creating seamless links from the dashboard to analytical tools; using intuitive role-based reporting, causal analysis, and exception alerts; and generating standard static reports, real-time updates, and links to email and other communications.

We provide your managers, from the chief executive officer on down, with a single point of access to an integrated dashboard of financial, operational and competitive performance metrics for their businesses. We also provide seamless access to a range of management tools -- all based on a consistent set of fully integrated enterprise performance data from all key transaction systems. With this capability, your managers can readily access the performance information they need to make coordinated decisions in support of the enterprise strategy.  This creates valuable efficiencies that can enhance shareholder value.

Business Benefits:

  • Self-service reporting across the enterprise, minimizing the dependency on finance and other staff for performing low value added activities.
  • Shift focus away from just financial results to more balanced attention to the drivers of shareholder value across the value chain.
  • Shared execution of organizational objectives due to transparency of performance metrics across the enterprise.
  • Trend month-over-month or year-over-year data for business analysis.
  • Customer service and quality enhancement while maintaining efficiency.
  • Centralized administration of architecture reduces maintenance costs, while allowing end user flexibility.

Technology Benefits:

  • Single sign-on to internal (Financial, Operational, Customer, HR), and external (Competitors, Markets) data.
  • Dynamic analytical platform affording a rich set of pre-built functionality, supported by the scalability of a leading relational database.
  • Personalized dashboards.
  • Exception-based reporting and alerts
  • Seamless integration with the ability to scale.
  • A secure network environment to provide privacy.

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