The Modern Data Platform – Challenge 1 – INFLEXIBILITY

In the first part of this blog series, I discussed the traditional data warehouse and some of the issues that can occur in the period following the initial project. I concluded that post by outlining 5 common challenges that I hear from customers. INFLEXIBILITY COMPLEX ARCHITECTURE SLOW PERFORMANCE OLD TECHNOLOGY LACK OF GOVERNANCE This blog will focus on the first of these issues: INFLEXIBILITY. For the avoidance of any doubt, let’s begin with the definition
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The Modern Data Platform – Introduction

“In the PAST……..” It seems to be a very long time ago since we put to bed the arguments over the need for data warehouses.  I remember the first project I worked on: a Regional Insurance Company struggling to get a comprehensive view of their customer demographics for Campaign Management. Why were they struggling? Simply put, their data was in silos across a multitude of different operational systems, each of which had its own unique
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The Truth about SAP HANA

The Myths Debunked (Part 1) Speed and performance are often thought to be the main incentives to switch to SAP HANA. But is there more to it than that? This blog series will deal with the four most common myths and uncover the real truth behind them. The Myth: SAP HANA Is Primarily Intended to Accelerate Data Processing SAP itself is partly responsible for this misconception. Initially, the company emphasized the ability of SAP HANA
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SAP HANA Cloud Services: A Spotlight on Market Offerings

More and more providers are launching their own packages for SAP HANA Cloud Services. Pricing, features, and the scope of services can vary significantly. How do you know which offer is the right one for your company? Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, and itelligence: All of the industry’s major players have several variants of the SAP HANA Cloud Services in their portfolio. Their scope stretches from the bare technical infrastructure to the entire cloud environment certified for
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How can my business profit from Big Data?

How to gain from Big Data According to a forecast by research firm International Data Corp. (IDC), the Big Data market will grow 23% till 2019, meaning that by 2019, companies will spend nearly 50Billion US-Dollars on business data each year. Especially the Internet of Things (IoT) – turning everyday objects into smart machines that collect and use information – will be one of the key elements that will turn Big Data from an innovation to a
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How can I rapidly and successfully realize innovation?

You are a business leader and want to bring your company to the forefront of the market (or keep it there)? Our information portal answers your pressing questions and helps with innovative solutions. Innovation is the key to not only success in the market but also durability. Only innovative businesses can make sure that they can weather the rapid changes of digital evolution and the fluid changes of customer relationships via social media and mobile
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How can I predict and successfully implement business changes?

You are a business leader and want to use business intelligence to predict changes in the market to adapt and capitalize on them? Our information portal answers your pressing questions and helps with innovative cloud solutions. BI: more than data Is data the currency of the 21st century? No, but it is the material that the currency is made of. With information being the true currency, you need to be able to turn data (and
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NTT DATA Business Solutions Singapore wins prize in Healthcare Supplier Awards 2015

Singapore, NUHS Tower, 19 October 2015 -- NTT DATA Business Solutions (NDBS) Singapore is a proud participant and winner in the recently concluded Healthcare Supplier Awards 2015. NDBS Singapore bagged 2nd prize under the Innovation Award Category which recognises Suppliers for commendable innovation in introducing new approaches, products, services or technology in NHG, NUH, KTPH and or AIC in business systems. The event was organized by the National Healthcare Group and supported by National University
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NTT DATA Business Solutions Sponsors Panel in Questex Media’s Healthcare Innovation Solutions Day Series 2015

MANILA,PHILIPPINES & KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA; OCTOBER 2015 -- NTT DATA Business Solutions is a proud sponsor of this year’s Healthcare Innovation Solutions Day Series organized by Questex Media Singapore. The event is a regional healthcare innovation conference that examines the value of technology in improving healthcare provision and the efficiencies it brings to healthcare systems. Leaders such as department heads and senior management are invited to join the healthcare I.T. conference to network and exchange
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Mastering Business Analytics with SAP and SAP Business Objects BI Overview

The Mastering Business Analytics with SAP and SAP BusinessObjects BI event was held at Crown Promenade Hotel in Melbourne on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 October. The 215 delegates who attended learned about a variety of topics including big data, HANA and Business Intelligence. It was a fascinating conference attended by a diverse group, some who return annually to touch base with the SAP community. There was a strong representation of partners and customers from
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