20 April, 2016

The Truth about SAP HANA

The Myths Debunked (Part 1) Speed and performance are often thought to be the main incentives to switch to SAP HANA. But is there more to it than that? This blog series will deal with the four most common myths and uncover the real truth behind them. The Myth: SAP HANA Is Primarily Intended to Accelerate Data Processing SAP itself is partly responsible for this misconception. Initially, the company emphasized the ability of SAP HANA
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24 March, 2016

SAP HANA Cloud Services: A Spotlight on Market Offerings

More and more providers are launching their own packages for SAP HANA Cloud Services. Pricing, features, and the scope of services can vary significantly. How do you know which offer is the right one for your company? Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, and itelligence: All of the industry’s major players have several variants of the SAP HANA Cloud Services in their portfolio. Their scope stretches from the bare technical infrastructure to the entire cloud environment certified for
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10 February, 2016

How can I predict and successfully implement business changes?

You are a business leader and want to use business intelligence to predict changes in the market to adapt and capitalize on them? Our information portal answers your pressing questions and helps with innovative cloud solutions. BI: more than data Is data the currency of the 21st century? No, but it is the material that the currency is made of. With information being the true currency, you need to be able to turn data (and
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