3 April, 2017

5 Ways to Build Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has been around as a concept for many years. Research in the public domain articulates the business and economic advantage; the ability for organisations to achieve 'more with less' through greater engagement with their workforce. Employee engagement is even touted as possibly the single most important business success metric. But what is it exactly? An employee that turns up to work with a smile on their face, with a great work ethic and
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3 April, 2017

Swapping Process for People: Technology Enabling Strategic HR

For some time now we've seen HR departments across Singapore evolve - through multiple structural model changes, recognition from leadership of strategic value and increased focus on workforce planning. We have moved beyond seeing human resource management as a series of back-office processes. It's integral to business success. Today we see real partnerships between HR departments and business leaders. It has come out from a change in department focus; from process-driven, to people-driven. Just consider
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