Cloud for Sales, Service and Marketing

Being customer-centric is critical to business success. Your Sales, Marketing and Customer Service teams require access to your market offering, end-to-end, along with the ability to deliver personalised service through the full customer experience.

SAP Cloud offerings are available to support each of these functions including:

Cloud for Sales
Fast sales applications with consumer grade usability, customer data and analytics with integration to the back office system.

Cloud for Social Engagement
Enables your business to monitor, process and respond quickly (within minutes) to the tens of thousands of relevant messages customers post on social media. This solution enables you to find the critical messages to gain insights and then collaborate across the organisation to resolve issues quickly. Includes:

  • Social media listening
  • Real-time Facebook and Twitter message response
  • Enriched CRM and Analytics data

Cloud for Social Collaboration
A secure, social collaboration environment where your employees, customers and partners can connect to solve problems directly within the work context. Benefits include:

  • Protected corporate data in a secure social collaboration environment
  • Increased employee and customer engagement in different locations
  • Fast access to internal subject matter experts and efficient sharing of best practices

Cloud for Service
Provide customers with options with multiple service channels and your agents with easy access to complete, contextual information. Also provides service managers with real-time call centre performance information. Benefits include:

  • Up-to-the-minute customer information for service agents
  • Consistent customer experience across all channels
  • Branded self-service customer support portal